Monday, July 22, 2013


Based on the novel that you have read, write about an important value that you can find from the story.

Based on the novel "The Railway Children", there are many values that we can find from the book. However, the important value that I could find is bravery. This value can be seen from a few events that happen in the story.

At one time, it has been raining for three days and the weather gets really cold, but Mother does not have any money to buy coal to keep them warm. Then, Peter comes up with an idea. He goes to the station where there is a small heap of coal and he takes it home. However, one day, Peter is caught red-handed by the station master. As the station master is about to take him to the railway station, Bobbie and Phyllis bravely step out of the dark and try to save their brother. They tell the station master that they are also involved stealing the coal but Peter denies it. The girls are really brave to stand up for Peter for the thing they have done.

Next, there is an incident when the three children see a train is about to hit a landslide. Very quickly, they come up with a plan to save the passengers. They first cut the red petticoats into six pieces put them on to sticks to produce six red flags. They push two flags into heaps of stones between the lines. Next, Bobbie and Phyllis take a flag each while Peter takes two, and wave to the 11:29 train. As it approaches, Bobbie bravely takes one of the flags that have fallen from the stones and runs into the middle of the line and shouts, "Stop! Stop!". The train finally stops but only twenty metres from her. This is one example how brave Bobbie is.

The next event happens when the boys from  the school in Maidbridge are taking part in a paper-chase. When they realize that the last boy wearing a red shirt in the race does not appear from the tunnel, they decide to investigate. The tunnel is dark and small and a train could run over them anytime. When they find Jim with a broken leg, Bobbie instructs her two siblings to get help from a nearby farm while she stays with Jim to comfort him. She has shown she is not only brave but also very responsible.

In conclusion, the children have shown the important value of bravery throughout the story. We have to be like the children, to be brave in making decisions in our everyday lives. 


(1) The evidence in the sample essay could also be used for other questions such as write about the theme, character, or lesson that can be learned, but you have to change its introduction and concluding paragraphs.

(2) As for the question: write about an event/incident, one of the content points (in one of the paragraphs) can also be used but try to add in more details. It is better if you can provide simple reasons why you have chosen this particular event/incident. I would suggest you choose the second event when they try to save the train as there are more things you can write.

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