Sunday, July 28, 2013


It was finally time to go home after five fun days of exploring and sight-seeing in Shanghai and Suzhou. I wish holidays could always be longer.

all the luggage bags had expanded

waiting for the driver at the hotel

getting into Pudong Internatiomal Airport

the long queue at the check-in counter


at the gate

I must say I had so much fun during the five days in Shanghai - especially with the company of five old friends from college. It was like turning back the clock - I could smell the teen spirit. 

So I would like to say THANK YOU to all my friends Hazlina Aziz, Maslinda Mohd. Dahalan, Marina Tamrin, Aunillah Hilmi and Christina Chan for the good time we shared together and I believe this would be something that we would cherish in many more years to come. Hopefully, we could organize another LASBELA (translate: study tour) in the future for our TESL UPM CLASS OF 1993 group.

I miss Shanghai. When will I see you again?