Saturday, July 27, 2013


This was the hotel we were staying throughout the five days in Shanghai. The place was good except that it was a bit far from the metro station. Other than that, the counter staff could speak English so you could try ask for any necessary information from the receptionists.

The place is located in a place called Wujiaochiang. You need not worry as there are small shops and shopping mall nearby and we even a saw a hypermarket across the road but had no time to see what was there to offer. Other than that, there was also a factory outlet, but could not remember which designer labels they are selling. We bought fruits from a shop by the roadside and we even purchased a few ceramic items from a small shop to bring back home.

view from the window, at night

business centre with free internet access, but no FB

our ration


Usually, an accommodation nearer to the tourists' attractions always cost more. So, if you don't mind walking a bit, this was a good place to stay at a reasonable price in Shanghai.