Friday, May 9, 2014


[8th May 2014] When I have the craving for Arab food, I would go to Al-Arabi Restaurant at "Medan Selera" in Taman Universiti. It is not a posh restaurant, more of a stall in a food court so the price should be reasonable. There are not many people eating there in the evening so I could just sit and chat for long hours although the risk of being recognized by other people is still high. When I was there for dinner, I saw two of my ex-students' mothers eating at the same place, but luckily they were at different stalls further away.

chicken mandy - long and soft rice with tender chicken meat

I was there with Mr. Amirul Husni on a Thursday evening as we had a very important matter to discuss, very important indeed.

There are really fat cats roaming around that place and that should be one reason to visit the place again. I always feel as if I am in Istanbul when there are many cats walking around freely. :)