Sunday, May 25, 2014


This was the movie I went to watch right after the Teacher's Day Hi-Tea when the tummy was really full and the eyelids were extremely heavy. 

Actually I did not really understand the whole thing in the movie except the early, middle and last part - I was sleeping in the parts I could not really comprehend. The early part: someone discovered the existence the monstrous creature by the name of Godzilla. Middle part: more monstrous creatures emerged by the name of MUTO, and there were two of them. End part: Godzilla fought with the two MUTOs and Godzilla was actually the heroic creature that saved the city from further mass destruction.

All the fights took place during night time and when there was no electricity so not much could be seen on the screen except shadowy movements and something like laser fire coming out of Godzilla's mouth once in a while. I wonder whether they were nocturnal creatures.

I was sure the other people accompanying me had a great time, someone was watching this for the second time actually. It was either the wrong movie or the wrong timing for me to watch. So we should go and watch some other movies some other time, where there are more actions in a broad daylight.