Monday, May 19, 2014


This was an annual event celebrated today on the 18th May 2014. (The real date was on 16th of May but this year it fell on a Friday so it was done on Sunday.) Basically the same thing was repeated, so here's the report in brief:

(1) The arrival of teachers.

(2) The speeches.

(3) Taking the teacher's oath and singing the "Guru Malaysia" song. 

(4) Students' performance.

And at about 10:30 a.m. it started to rain cats and dogs and lasted until 12:00 noon so the teacher's telematch had to be cancelled.

(5) cutting the cake

(6) annual photography session

All the morning students should actually come and as for the afternoon session students, only selected ones should be there. To all the students who came to celebrate Teacher's Day in school today, thanks a lot for the time spent and the appreciation shown towards the teachers. Your presence meant a lot to us. Hope to see you all again in next year's Teacher' s Day.

~ to be continued ~

*note: photos taken from Puan Yusidah's and Puan Yasirah's FB.