Sunday, May 4, 2014


Saturday (3rd May 2014) was another day spent attending wedding invitations of an ex-student, a friend who is also a teacher/senior assistant of another school and a relative.


The first wedding was of Ms. Nur Husnina Arsad, from SPM batch 2002 (if I am not wrong). She took the trouble to see me and send the invitation card personally in school so I must not miss seeing her on her big day. Other than that, her two brothers are my ex-students too. The reception was done at her house in Taman Desa Skudai.

Mr. Hizami, the bride's younger brother

Cikgu Farid, an ex-student

This was actually the third wedding attended on that day but I had more things to tell so I start with this one first.


The second wedding came from Puan Roziah Abu Bakar, a friend who was a Senior Assistant of the Afternoon Session when we used to work together. I was excited as the event was held in "Galeri Glulam", a new building that I used to drive past all the while. I came very early and was one of the earliest guests as I had two more receptions to attend.

And suddenly I saw this. There would be a one-man angklung performance and I missed that. However, I had the chance to meet the artist in person and managed to ask for his business card.


The other wedding that I attended was actually the reception of my cousin's son. I was here quite early too, before the bride and bridegroom arrived at the community hall at Taman Desa Rahmat so there was not much to tell.

Too bad that people in Johor have not much choice but to have their wedding receptions only on Saturdays. We are having two weekends here, Friday for the government servants and Sunday for the private sector so Saturday will be the best time as people from both the government and private could attend. I am expecting to get many invitations in one day in the future. *sigh*