Sunday, May 25, 2014


18th May 2014 ~ Why three ex-students who went off to other boarding schools when they were in form 4 suddenly wanted to come to school on Teacher's Day and then went out together, I really did not know but never turned down that kind of offer. So here is the report in point form: :)

(1) Ex-students meeting teacher at school.

(2) Ex-student picked teacher up at from the hotel after the teacher had hi-tea and chauffeured him to the shopping mall. *feeling like a boss*

(3) Ex-students and teacher watched "Godzilla".

(4) Ex-students sent teacher back to school to get teacher's car (and take more photos).

(5) Ex-students and teacher went for late tea break/early dinner.

I have to thank Aqil Muhammad Nasir, Muhammad Faiz and Muhammad Afiq for the fun time on Teacher's Day. If you ask me whether this could be done again next year or the following year, I do not think so as these people will be on their own separate ways after this chasing their own dreams. Hopefully we could do this some other time when they come back for their semester breaks. And I wonder whether they will carry a gopro a.k.a monopod by that time. I must say this was the session when I had the most frequent selfies taken in my life but they managed to take good photos. (I always look ugly in selfies.) But no monopod, long hands, or the right technique, will do.