Tuesday, May 20, 2014


18th May 2014 ~ Right after the formal Teacher's Day celebration in school, the teachers and staff rushed to Goodhope Hotel for our hi-tea. It was good to have our lunch outside on this special day because if the function was to be done in school, the committee members of the Staff Room Club would have to work hard while other people would be enjoying themselves.

This time, we were also giving a formal send off to Puan Tuan Mah Tuan Mat, the Mathematics teacher, who will be retiring in June. I will have to wait for about 14 more years. *sigh*

the Chairman of the Staff Room Club and Puan Tuan Mah
delivering their speeches  

Lucky Draw Time

... and I was lucky this time :)

I had to leave a bit earlier, after I did not win the electric oven in the lucky draw and at the same time I had another plan with other people right after that. I knew everyone must have enjoyed the hi-tea before going back to school and getting back to work as usual the next day.

~ to be continued ~