Saturday, May 17, 2014


Thursday, 15th May 2014 ~ The annual class party for the afternoon session in conjunctions with the Teacher's Day celebration was held today in school. Students and teachers prepared food and drinks, for the first half of the school session. Everybody seemed to have a lot of fun.

There were just too many classes, too much food and too little time. I visited all the classes but I could not eat all the food offered. For one thing, I went back home fatter on that day. *sigh*

Today was also the last day for two trainees from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Miss Fatin Alia and Miss Nor Basila, who came to SMKTUN to teach English. We had an earlier potluck session for both of them on Saturday. On behalf of the school staff and students, I would like to thank both of them for coming over and hope that they have had fond memories of the school.

Congratulations to all the form teachers as well as replacement form teachers who had worked real hard for this event. I just hope this activity could strengthen the teacher-student relationship as we are all always busy with our assigned duties. Thank you also to all the students who had given their support and cooperation for this year's class party.

Lastly, Happy Teacher's Day to all the teachers out there.