Monday, November 3, 2014


There were more things to see at the house from the Northern Province. There was a weaving demonstration, how a cloth was produced from cotton threads. There was also a man playing a traditional musical instrument but too bad I did not record him on video.

I could suddenly play a string musical instrument

The house from the southern part has many similarities with our local house. And they also play "wayang kulit" (shadow puppets).

After we had finished exploring, we had about an hour to go before the major performance. By that time, more people had arrived and we all sat at this open area where we were entertained by a magic show performance. And right after that, there were a pre-cultural show performance which lasted for about half an hour before they opened the door to the theatre.

I did not take any photos of the people dancing during the pre-performance as I was busy recording videos. Do come back for more videos of the dances after this.