Wednesday, November 26, 2014


21 October 2014 ~ This was another must-visit spot in Bangkok. Originally it was a foreigner's house but many years after he went missing in Cameron Highlands, it is now converted into some sort of a museum. Jim Thompson was an architect from the USA who fell in love in Bangkok and decided to stay there. People visit this place because of the beautiful architecture of the traditional Thai houses and also the art collections that are put in display for people to admire.

greeted by a Thai dancer at the entrance

silk-making demonstration

CLICK ON THE PHOTO to enlarge and you could read the story of Jim Thompson on the brochure. I am too lazy to retype the whole thing.

There guide who spoke English took our group for a tour around the house. Nevertheless, photography was strictly prohibited inside the house. I could even see the male security eyeing the visitors suspiciously in fear that someone would intentionally (or accidentally) snap photos.

the dancer is now weaving silk

I now have made up my mind about the kind of house I will build when I become very rich. It will definitely be a tropical house made of teak and surrounded by lush and green garden with ponds and waterfalls. Dream on... 

I should have taken more photos after the tour but there was a heavy downpour,and at the same time we had to get back to the hotel, check out and rush to the airport.

Basically the visit to Jim Thompson's house concluded our stay in Bangkok. I would not hesitate to return to the city again as there are still a lot that I have not explored and seen. Travelling solo will never be a problem in Bangkok, unless there are other people who want to tag along.