Thursday, November 6, 2014


5th November 2014 ~ I had an appointment at the Surgical Clinic of Sultanah Aminah Hospital. Lucky enough I was given a medical certificate and it was quite late to go to school. I decided to watch a movie or else I would sure sleep in the afternoon (and furthermore it rained quite heavily while I was in the cinema.

I simply picked an animation entitled "The Book of Life" with no expectation at all. I had been eyeing this cartoon actually but the movie was only screened in the afternoon. Since it was Wednesday afternoon, there were only 11 people watching and I was the only one munching popcorn. I couldn't hear any other people eating at that time.

And how was it? Surprise! Surprise! This was actually a movie that was beautifully done, both the animation and the story line which was adapted from a Mexican folklore. The values of love, courage and friendship, family love and good versus evil - all was well-blended in the story-telling and narration, and the soundtracks (that I know of) were all contemporary. 

I am going to buy the original DVD when it is out in the market. I do not mind watching this movie again.

You all better go watch this movie before it is too late. Trust me, it is more enjoyable than "Annabelle".