Monday, November 10, 2014


There were too many things to see at Chatuchak Market. For gastronomic adventurers, this could be one place where you could find Thai local cuisine under one roof (or many small roofs). As for us, we knew there were halal stalls selling Muslim food somewhere but we had to ask around to find one.

Finally, after searching high and low and asking a few people, we found a stall selling halal food tucked away between all other shops. Lunch had never tasted so good. I chose rice that was told called "nasi minyak" but did not have the same taste as our own version of rice of the same name - it tasted more like "nasi rempah" (herbal rice).

puppies on sale

a very young street performer

the friendly stall owner

We tried the well-known coconut ice-cream of Thailand. Definitely a must-eat when you are in Bangkok. Red beans were added into mine and you could choose other ingredients that you like.

I am already thinking of going back to Bangkok just for days and planning of spending my time at this market and see more things that I had missed. Anyone coming along?