Wednesday, November 5, 2014


19th October ~ We had to climb up stairs in Wat Arun to enjoy the temple to the fullest. The temple was located across the river, so we had to take a boat to get to a pier and took another one to cross Chao Phraya River. Not to worry, the boat fare was cheap.

PRECAUTION: The steps of the stairs to get up to a higher point of the temple were small and steep, and I would not recommend old folks or hyperactive kids to climb as it would pose some danger. However, it was worth the effort as we got to see Bangkok from a higher level and many tourists and locals seemed excited to successfully climb up the stairs. Ain't no mountains high enough.

The temple was ancient but beautiful. Luckily, there was not a large crowd in the morning like what we saw at the Grand Palace the day before so we got to enjoy the view peacefully.

NEXT POST: Another temple, Wat Pho.