Saturday, November 15, 2014


Hiro Hamada was the kid genius in the story. He was enrolled into college in spite of his very young age. However, when his brother died in a fire after the science exhibition, and when Hiro suspected there was a foul play, he went to seek revenge accompanied by a robot originally created by his brother, Baymax. He was then later joined by his brother's other 4 friends hence making them the Big Hero 6.

To conclude, YOU BETTER GO WATCH THIS MOVIE at a cinema near you, and you better hurry up. I guarantee you will have no regret. I wonder whether there is a sequel to this movie. At the same time, I am waiting for the DVD to be released as I am sure will buy it for my own personal collection. And I am quite sure Baymax will be another animation figure that will be liked by kids and adults alike.

And I know someone did not fall asleep while watching this film. :)