Monday, November 17, 2014


19th October ~ While walking in Siam Discovery Centre, we came across this exhibition booth. It was held in conjunction with the Queen's Grandmother's birthday, if I am not mistaken. The Queen's Grandmother seemed to be fond of flowers, hence the exhibition. Majority of the exhibits were orchids with a few exceptions. All the flowers were brought from Chiang Rai for the exhibition. We could only spend just a short while there as they were actually closing as it was already after 8 p.m. but the people at the booth still entertained us well even though we were the only visitors at that time. 

The flowering plants were also put on sale and there were also the seeds and fertilizers or soil, but the difference in climate would not allow the plants to grow healthily if I bought any to bring back home. Anyhow, by now, I already know of my next destination if I want to see more of the real flowers.