Saturday, January 17, 2015


13th DECEMBER 2014 ~ I almost did not make it here as it was raining very heavily while I was trying to find my way to this building from the hotel and had to take shelter in a restaurant. Even though I was there a few minutes before the show started, thank God tickets were still available. I saw a counter selling the tickets at the Post Office on my second day there but I was still indecisive at that time.

Most of the people who came for the show were foreigners. I could not spot any Malays or Malaysians there. Maybe they were at the night market.

It was actually an acrobatic performance, Vietnamese style. It was very entertaining and people were giving a long and endless applause when it ended. Too bad video recording was not allowed during the show but it was worth the money spent. 

photo session with the performers

I was glad that I had decided to spend my evening here. This was something that I would not get to watch back home.