Friday, January 30, 2015


This should be a fun movie to watch but I found there were just too many talking scenes to digest. Mortdecai as the main character who had an obsession with his newly grown moustache despite his wife's objection. He was on a mission to find a stolen painting, hence the adventure he had to go through. Seriously, that was all the plot.  Johnny Depp's acting was brilliant though - you wouldn't believe it was him on screen. That was one reason I went to watch as I wanted to see "unpirated" Depp.

The movie was rated not suitable for viewers under 18 but surprisingly there was nothing exciting to see, except for a few scenes with bad jokes and that was all. Unfortunately, this was a movie that will be easily forgotten and sorry Irham, you had to tag along. Maybe we should go out one more time before you fly back to Medan. :)