Thursday, January 15, 2015


All the passengers of the boat were then taken to this place where they had bees that produced honey. We were all given free tea with honey and other products that were related to honey were promoted to us.

Then we went to the back of the "restaurant" and saw and orchid farm. There would be a separate post for the orchids but it was actually not the main focus of the visit here.

Andy then took out a python from a cage and asked whether any of us would like to get to know the snake better. None volunteered.

We then took another boat ride on a different boat and were taken to a place for lunch.

This was our halal lunch for the afternoon. There were big prawns but we had to pay for them.Or else, we had to take the rice with only the boiled eggs.

Right after lunch, we took a ride on a horse cart and were taken to a coconut candy factory. There, we could see how coconut candy was processed by the village folks and we could buy the products to take home.

There were also some bizarre items on sold- poisonous creatures like cobras and scorpions preserved in bottles. I wonder why people consume this kind of food product.

The whole trip ended by 4p.m. and then we were taken back to the city. This is a trip that you should consider if you are going to Ho Chi Minh as you could experience the lifestyle of the people living along the Mekong River.