Thursday, January 8, 2015


3rd January 2015 ~ I was there because I had a free ticket given to me by friends. Luckily I could find someone who was willing to tag along to see Doraemon and his secret gadgets.We were there on the second last day of the exhibition. There were many people as kids under 12 were given free admission for the school holiday. People bought the tickets actually just to get themselves photographed with one of the world's famous cats but this time, there were just too many Doraemons around. I did not even care to read about the secret gadgets which were now no longer a secret. I missed visiting Doraemon Museum in Tokyo when I was there in June so I guess this should compensate in a way.

It was a 1 1/2 fun-filled session in the expo, a chance to unleash the child in me. And I was glad that I I was the only one doing that.