Tuesday, October 25, 2016


This was some sort of our annual gathering that I was looking forward to. Although we had to actually work, at least this was the chance to get away from school and socialize with people whom I do not see every day. This time we gathered at SMK Bukit Pasir, in Muar from 23rd to 25th October 2016 and the meeting was held for three days this time, instead of two. Everybody from Johor Bahru district decided to stay there as commuting for more than 300 kilometres to and fro for three consecutive days would not be a good idea.

After all the hard work, everybody is now safely home but this is not the ending. We still have to meet up and conduct sessions for English language teachers at district level tomorrow and the day after. Nevertheless, the stay in Muar was an enjoyable one as we had the time to visit a few popular eating places together, and I managed to see a few old friends there too. But that will be another story.