Thursday, October 27, 2016


When I had to go other places for courses, I would always try to meet old friends. On the first day in Muar, I had the chance to meet up with two ex-classmates from my Budiman class of SMS Muar. Puan Halijah Othman, who is now teaching in SMKSAB and Puan Rozana Ab. Manap, a lecturer at Johor Matriculation College, accompanied by their husbands, gathered at Muar Soup House in the evening. I had never had the chance to meet Puan Rozana after we left school in 1986 so this was like a reconciliation between two long lost friends, but we do have conversation sessions in the class Whatsapp group when we managed to get in touch with a few other people. As for Puan Halijah, we last met in 2011 when there was a class gathering at Subang Jaya.

Then on the second day, I met Puan Harizan Mahfar, an old friend of my UPM TESL class of 1993, who is a true blue Muarian and is also teaching there.  I had to get the well-known Mee Bandung of Muar at a stall near the bus stand by the Muar river. 

So I guess my KPI has been achieved during my stay in Muar. One of the best things in life will definitely be the combination of friends, gossip and good food.