Sunday, October 9, 2016


8th October 2016 ~ I was at Danga City Mall for another reason. I decided to visit Malaysia International Industrial Machinery Expo as I had nothing else to do. First I had to register at the counter and a special tag with my name printed on it was given. Suddenly I felt that I was a very important person, someone like a representative from a big company and with a mission to order something really expensive.  

I surprisingly found the exhibition very interesting as I got to see some machine that could make work easier and business flourish. For example, there were some machine that could do embroidery for motives which were intricate and complicated.

You could also produce snacks like the traditional "kuih ros" or "kuih kapit" (love letters) if you have the machine. The machine might be costly but just imagine the labour cost it could cut down and the profit that you could make. (precaution: do not count your chickens before they are hatched).

Too bad there were not many companies doing the promotion so I just spent a short time there. Then there were these two bags that were given free (and a pen too) at the entrance. Don't we all love these free bags until at one time there are just too many of them, we don't know what to with them anymore.