Friday, October 28, 2016


23 October 2016 ~ So 15 of us - all English teachers from Johor Bahru (13), Pasir Gudang (1) and Kluang (1), were here for dinner as we were told this place was one of the popular eating spots in Muar. Basically this restaurant is another mamak (I heard "mamak" is now included already in the Oxford English Dictionary) where you could eat all kinds of food, including western. I was here an hour earlier actually with another set of friends, eating chicken "murtabak".

We were lucky to secure a place in the air-conditioned section of the shop. That evening, we owned the place and the minority had to give way this time. The restaurant was established back in 1958 and it has maintained its classic decor for the interior.

So was there any special food which could be a signature dish for this place? I don't know really, it could be the variety of soups sold hence the name "Muar Soup House". But people were telling that the Sultan of Johor came here to eat so that could be one reason that had made this place famous. :)

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