Thursday, October 6, 2016


16TH SEPTEMBER 2016 ~ We were in Bandung two years ago so basically we had visited most of the tourists' attractions there. I requested to be taken to places that we had not been to before. The driver took us to this place called Dusun Bambu [translate: bamboo orchard]. This was an eco-tourism kind of place, where you could enjoy nature and culture in one place. The place was quite new actually so what we did mostly was walking and enjoying the view.

The entrance fee was only 15 000 Rupiah so you better go while it is still cheap (weekends 20 000 Rupiah). You could take the shuttle mini bus but the place was actually quite small so it would be best to just walk.

Right after the entrance, we came across a (mini) paddy field. The view must be awesome when the paddy has turned yellow before harvesting. We were still happy to be able to walk through a real paddy field, something that we would not be able to do back home.

As you can see, there were woven bamboo strips put on stilts for people to walk on. I guess these bamboo walkway had made the place looked unique.