Wednesday, October 12, 2016


Three girls were excited to surprise their friend on his birthday. They decided to buy something online (on Facebook) and get it delivered.

The birthday boy was surprised to see two strangers at the office door, bearing TWO balloons and a chocolate bouquet. One of them even sang a birthday song to him.

When the three girls saw the photo after the delivery, they were MORE surprised as the items sent were not similar to what had been advertised. So the birthday surprise plan worked real well.

spot the difference #1
The senders were really unhappy and in fact they were fuming with anger. Both the senders and the recipient felt cheated. The girls wrote comments on the "company's" FB page, airing their dissatisfaction and contacted the "manager" personally.

spot the difference #2

that's more like it

And today another chocolate bouquet arrived at the office, as a replacement to the one delivered yesterday, sent by the manager herself.

the cat does not come together with the chocolate

The birthday boy is happy as he has now more chocolates to eat.

The three girls are happier as the birthday boy will now grow fatter than them.

They all learned a lesson and they would definitely not forget this drama for many more years to come.


P.S. I decided not to disclose the name of the "company" as they had already sent me a better looking chocolate bouquet.

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