Monday, October 17, 2016


16th September 2016 ~ This was our second time eating at this restaurant. We came here two years ago to savour its famous "ayam penyet" [translate: smashed chicken]. The restaurant had been upgraded and looked better than the last time we were there.

How is the Surabaya Ayam Penyet different from Ayam Penyet in Malaysia. In Indonesia: (1) the rice comes together with mint leaves; (2) the "sambal" (mashed chilies) is spicier and hotter; and (3) there is no soup to complement your rice.

Many people believed that visitors from Malaysia would not be able to get "sirap bandung" in Bandung, but they were wrong. The name given to the drinks is SODA GEMBIRA. Condensed milk was already added to the sweet rose syrup and ice, and the bottled soda would come separately so you would have to mix your own drink. 

I wonder whether there will be a third time?

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