Sunday, July 9, 2017


5TH-6TH JULY 2017 ~ I was glad the Principal allowed me to go out for the District Level Chess Competition this year at SMK Gelang Patah. Not only I had the chance to meet old friends, but the most important thing was I also had the chance to do thing I love doing.

Congratulations to all the officers who had worked really hard throughout the tournament and I found this time the competition was organized more effectively.

(1) Registration went on smoothly. Teachers could just register the players online. People could scan the CR code for the results for each round.

(2) The school organizing had Quartermaster students were very helpful. The officers had to (help)arrange the tables and chairs themselves for many years before and after the game. The chess sets and clocks were successfully returned to the schools at the end of the session, with no case of missing equipment.

(3) The students participating were more obedient and followed instructions. We did not have to chase them out from the hall after each game because most of the time, they were eager to watch ongoing games.

(4) Accompanying teachers were more cooperative as they did not quickly get their schools' chess equipment on their own so they wanted to get home as fast as possible like last time. (Actually there were still a few who still did not follow instructions.)

SMK Mutiara Rini's Chess Team

SMK Taman Universiti's Chess Team

I was happy Sekolah Dato' Jaafar's Boys Under 15 team secured the second place, so we did not go back empty-handed. The Principal should be very happy with their achievement. 

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