Sunday, July 30, 2017


The two last movies I watched at the cinema were "Moana" and "Sing" last year in December. After seven long months, I had finally the chance to do one of my favourite pastime activities.

I chose "Dunkirk" - a fictional war movie involving the British and Germany. The British soldiers were stranded on the beach of France and the effort to get them back home was all in vain as the ships were all bombed and sank. The local fishermen from Dunkirk and all nearby places bravely set sail on the English Channel and put them aboard on their all kinds of boats.

The plot was quite simple actually, the drama was light but the movie was brilliantly done to depict a real war story, old school style. I know I have made a wise decision to choose "Dunkirk" instead of "Spiderman" or "Baby Driver".