Saturday, July 8, 2017


8TH JULY 2017 ~ Someone who had not appeared for many years came visiting for Eid this year. Mr. Zabidi Mohamed was here accompanied by his wife and son. He is from SMKTUN's SPM batch 2004.

The next bigger group to arrive was Mr. Masrizal Sayute and his family. They have been visiting regularly and I have been observing the kids growing up, at least I could see the difference once a year.

The last group who finally made their way to my house this Eid was my friends from various schools whom I always meet for gossip sessions over coffee and other edible items. Puan Mazzelina Mahmood and the husband, Mr. Khir and Puan. Rumaiah Hasan, accompanied by her three niece and nephews were here for the very first time and hopefully will be visiting again for many more Eid to come.

I am expecting to welcome a much bigger group tomorrow morning.

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