Friday, July 7, 2017


6TH JULY 2017 ~ I finally did my first house visit (after the first day of Eid) today. I had to be at the Chess Competition held at SMK Gelang Patah and I successfully killed two birds with one stone. I was glad to see an old friend who was already like an elder sister to me, Puan Rokiah Junoh. She was once a temporary teacher at SMK Taman Universiti from 1994-2000, who was one of the school pioneers. Then, she continued to serve the school as one of the non-academic staff from 2001-2008. She is now residing in Gelang Patah and working at the secondary school located at the small town.

It was really fun chatting with Kak Kiah, it was just like old time. I really hope to pay her a visit some other time - to continue gossiping.