Friday, June 19, 2009


It was already the last day for me in Melbourne before I flew home. I had never felt time flew as fast as this in my entire life. With the few hours left, without wasting any second, we went to Harbour Town (again). It was still cold like the day before - never had I appreciated the sunshine more. Early this morning, the hailstones were pitter-pattering on the glass window.


St. Kilda Beach

The last place we went to was St. Kilda Beach. It was still cold, it rained a bit and the sky was cloudy. I bet the beach would look more beautiful if it was brighter and would even be much better during summer.

With cool dudes at Sharmin's place

about to leave...

I would like to thank Sharmin for the all his effort and trouble to make my stay in Melbourne a memorable one.

Melbourne Tullamarine Airport before boarding the plane 

I guess that's all the notation of my perhaps once in a life time journey to the land down under. Landed safely, healthily at LCCT Sepang at 6:30 am 11th June 2009 and free from H1N1. Hope that you have enjoyed yourself reading as much as I have enjoyed myself there. I wonder what I will be writing about in this blog after this...