Thursday, June 18, 2009


From Sovereign Hill, we walked to the Wildlife Park. At this time the temperature had dropped to 5 C which was freezing cold for me. With the rain and the cold wind, we also experienced hail stone luckily it stopped just after a few seconds, if not I would not be able to see those animals originated from Australia.

koala in the house

Pics with koala can only be taken from a distance. If you wish for a close-up shoot, then you have to pay for it.

wombats in the house

A wombat is just like a mouse, except it is much bigger and hairier. And the main attraction here is meet the kangaroos session. After buying a packet of food, you could feed as many kangaroos as you wanted. When we were there, there were no other visitors so the animals came running to us, which made it a bit scary. They were quite tame but too many kangaroos around would not be too good.

nice kangaroo, nice...

can you see a baby kangaroo in the pouch?

presenting.... the kangaroo movie