Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Tamu Muhibah

A few more hours before I had to go home, I made my way to the Tamu Muhibah, a market for the locals. They sold almost everything but there was no fresh fish to be seen. I only bought salak fruit and local cookies like kuih cincin and tebaloi. Actually I was here the day before to buy salted terubuk fish and dried prawns which were a must-buy from Sarawak.

This is the city fan. It is a park with the shape of a fan. I went to this place the night before, and there were people gathering to watch a band performance. Miri has a number of parks that the residents can be proud of. There were no people around as it was a working day but luckily they a few workers cutting grass. So, I had asked one of them to snap this picture for me and luckily, he agreed.

Miri Town

Only on the fourth day I discovered that the there was somewhat a big roundabout in Miri town centre. So I went along this big circle that took me back to the hotel. One thing that was hard when travelling alone was that I had to ask people on the road to snap pictures of me; did I have any other choice? By the way, the blue building at the back was the hotel where I was staying.

souvenirs hunting

I went to one shop that sold many souvenirs from Sarawak and Indonesia as well. There were not many shops selling handicrafts and souvenirs, unlike Kuching. But this one had a wider variety and the prices were cheaper. And the shopkeepers and salesgirls here (and in our country as a whole) were not tourists-friendly. They should go to Australia and see how tourists and customers are being entertained there.

Miri International Airport, just before departing

At last, it was time to bid farewell to Miri. I had a pleasant time there, hopefully I will get to come again some other time. Okay people, it is now time to get to work. Do not expect another travelogue to come up soon because I have doubt that is going to happen. Until then, GOOD BYE MIRI.