Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Melbourne Trams

That is the famous Melbourne trams that come in many different designs and colours; they even have the antique one which carries tourists around the city for free. The city has a very effective networking of transportation among the trams, buses and trains. And all the information is available on the Internet so you can move really easy and they arrive at the stations on time. The ticket prices are reasonable. A whole day ticket that costs AUD6.40 enables you to travel everywhere throughout the day, and on Sunday you can get it at half price.

Azwan Shaiza, husband, kids and I

The visit to Bundoora was not in the original itinerary but I was very excited to see an old friend who is doing her PhD at La Trobe University. So I met her husband and four kids and had lunch there. She was kind enough to pack some food for us to bring back home. Thanks Azwan and family for the warmth and hospitality.

In front of La Trobe University (compound)

Royal Exhibition Building

On the way home, we stopped at a few places like the Royal Exhibition Building which has been declared as a world heritage.

Look, no leaves!
And here we were in Carlton Gardens. At last there was a kind soul who helped to take our photoshoot together, or else Sharmin had to be the photographer all the time.

The Shrine of Remembrance

The Shrine of Remembrance is built to remember Aussie's past heroes who died during the 1st World War. There were many other statues and replicas in the park which narrated different stories.

After pizza (which was dinner), we went to the Crown, a casino. Too bad, cameras were not allowed inside. But you could experience Las Vegas here, I think.

Melbourne at night

There was not a single night spent at home. So much to see, to explore and to experience in such a short time.