Sunday, June 14, 2009


With two more days to go, we started off the sight-seeing journey earlier. Managed to stop at the University of New South Wales where Mr. Ridwan is doing his PhD so my trip will be more educational in a formal sort of way. I like this area because the grasses looked greener and at one spot, I could see people drinking hot coffee and eating breakfast practically under the sun instead of under the shade.

in the compound of the UNSW

Then we went to Bondi Beach. As it was winter, so the beach was quite empty. Too bad, no women in bikini could be seen around.

the famous Bondi Beach

On the way to the next site, we accidentally came across the Hacking River which is situated in the Royal National Park. Cooling and refreshing air and green trees around, that will a good place to run away from busy city life, reminds me of the Lake Isle of Innisfree.

Hacking River

The next pit stop, which is unbelievably breathtaking, is the Sea Cliff Bridge which is on the Grand Pacific Drive. It is a bridge built on the sea along the cliff of a hill and there is a small but long pavement for people to walk and enjoy the blue sea and the sky. Read here for more info and better aerial view of the bridge

the Sea Cliff Bridge
And the last place we went for the day was Kiama where there are the Blowhole and a lighthouse on top of a hill by the sea. Another picturesque site to be remembered, you have to see it to believe it. Click here for more
A lighthouse against a bright blue sky

We stopped at Wollongong for lunch before heading home. One more day left...

Wollongong, another small town in Sydney.