Friday, June 12, 2009


two roads diverged in a yellow wood..

If you surf the internet for tourists' attractions in Sydney, you will find that there are many parks around the city. We first went to Centennial Park in the morning to enjoy the scenery and to brisk walk. According to Mr. Ridwan, my holiday package not only consisted of food, accommodation and sight-seeing, but recreational activities were also included. As it was a working day, so there were not many people around. The air was fresh and cold although it was a bit cloudy.

Darling Harbour

In the afternoon, went to another attraction which was Darling harbour. Another spectacular view of the sea with its boats and ship and other types of sea crafts. And before running back home, we stopped again (went already the day before) at Queen Victoria Building (QVB). From outside it looks like some sort of Museum or administration building but inside it is actually a shopping mall with shops and eating outlets. So activities for the day were ended with shopping for souvenirs which was quite fun actually.

Queen Victoria Building