Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Sharmin's place

We made our way to Vic Market, a place where you can get things such as koalas and kangaroos that are made in China to bring home as souvenirs. We spent hours there just by walking the rows of stalls and observing items put on sale. It was actually difficult to find things which are originally Australian here. There were foreigners and locals alike, and most of them were looking for souvenirs, I guess.

in Vic Market

I found that the condition in Melbourne was more relaxed and thank god, people here walked at a slower pace. However, the weather got colder and it rained almost everyday since I first arrived here. Have I ever mentioned in my writing that it was winter time? The good thing was that walking would never be tiring and I had never stopped walking (literally) since the first time I set foot on Aussie ground.

the University of Melbourne

Next, Sharmin showed me around his campus, the University of Melbourne. Unlike Malaysia, where universities are located in fenced area or far far away from civilized city life, here in Melbourne, universities (note the plural form) are actually in the heart of the city. There are faculty buildings in between shopping malls and shop houses in the commercial area. Melbourne to me is like an educational hub; you have to go into the city if you want to attend lectures or classes. Interesting!

inside the campus