Wednesday, June 17, 2009


The posting for the day's visit has to be divided into two sections as there are too many pictures that I want to put in the blog. I wish I could put all but I don't think that is a good idea. Anyway, Sovereign Hill in Ballarat is like a gold mining museum. Nevertheless, it is much more interesting than the ordinary museum because there are more than just exhibits and texts. There were real people acting as miners and people living in the community in that era. So you are actually living among these people who are carrying out their daily activities. The bakers do sell real bread, pastries and pies that you can buy. The narration of the mining history is told in a more interactive and interesting way and history has never been more alive. I have selected a few pictures for you to feast your eyes on and I have taken pictures with everyone, men, women and even animals, but do find more about this place here

visiting an old folk's tent, listening (really hard) about his life in a tent but it was really warm to sit beside the fireplace.

the guy in charge of the underground gold mine visit

read the signs on the buildings yourself

the lady in the bowling alley

in the bakery

at last, i have found the one and true love

and was arrested after that

another lady in a shop