Saturday, June 13, 2009

4th June - 3rd Day Sydney

Echo Point at the Blue Mountains but no echo could be heard

The Three Sisters
On the 3rd day, Dwan and his family took me out on a road trip out of the city. The first destination was The Blue Mountains. The view was spectacular, fresh air, blue skies and green forests down below. There are actually exciting and eco-friendly things that you can do here. We could see three portruding rocks known as the Three Sisters and you can read about the legend of the famous stones here


We stopped at two quaint little towns on our way home. There are rows of small shops selling variety of things. The environment is very much different from the city, you can always feel the peace and serenity here.


And the last stop for the day was at a Briyani Restaurant in Wentworthville. Khairil and Hidayah (the family's frined) gave us a treat. I really liked the way the restaurant was decorated, it was as if you were in Madras or Bombay. The wall was covered with saree fabric which gave the Indian ambience all around you, plus the Hindi music (Hindi I guess) playing in the air. The food was good but in abundance. For a bowl of briyani, it could be shared by two people. Perhaps people here eat more than us in Malaysia.

Mantra Restaurant

Briyani from Sydney