Monday, September 27, 2010


Being a hardcore blogger, while Suhaizie was busy changing the car tyre, I was busy snapping pictures

As I was driving back to school from my class in UTM, I sensed something was very wrong with my car. I stopped and checked, and discovered that I had a flat tyre. Being a damsel in distress, I had to think very fast of people who were in the vicinity and someone popped into my mind. So I called up Mr. Suhaizie, an ex-student  from SPM batch 2006 who is now studying in UTM, to come to my rescue. In a few minutes time, the knight in the shining armour arrived to help change the punctured tyre and it was definitely a big relief to get someone to help.

So thanks again Suhaizie for the help. The brunch was not worth the assistance given and may Allah repay your kind deed.


  1. wow!! now THAT is a flat alright! :) you always have your ex-students everywhere to come to yr aid, damsel ;)

    p/s: i want a knight too!