Sunday, October 3, 2010


We were having a feast in school in conjunction with Eid ul-Fitr. Everybody, teachers and students alike, were excited about this event, and this could be seen from the preparation that had been made. As today was also a replacement school day (on Saturday), not many students came to school but that was actually a blessing in disguise.

The preparation included many things like discussion for what types of food to bring, arranging the tables and chairs, decorating the class and the most important thing, who should be cleaning the classrooms when everything was over. The feast was carried out in classes, so the form teachers were put in charge of the whole thing. At the same time, we teachers could also visit to classes (somewhat like an open house) but there were just too many classes to go and too much food to eat.

1KP1 - ate spaghetti and a slice of cake

combined KAA classes held their party at the surau - not eating anything, too full

2KP1 - ate a piece of chicken chop

As I arrived home, a group of colleagues with their family members came visiting. They were actually from an open house held by my Principal whose house is quite near. Thanks to Puan Maznah, Puan Zah, Puan Nor'ashikin and En. Mustafa, with all the family members for the regular Hari Raya visit.

The next group that arrived as my colleagues were about to leave was the form five batch. There were eleven of them and their stay was quite short. Too bad that I had to leave them for a short while when I had to go send my sister somewhere as she could not get a cab. To make matter worse, two helmets which were put outside were stolen when I came back home after that. Hope that they would still come to my house in the future after what had happened.

And the last one to come visiting were Irfan (SPM batch 2004) and Asyraf (SPM batch 2006), the siblings who were my ex-students, accompanied by two of Irfan's friends. The brothers used to come with their friends but at times it is not easy to get people to come in one big group. Actually, a small group is much easier to entertain and you can always be more focus with fewer people carrying out a conversation.

So that was actually quite a long day for me. With seven more days to go before Hari Raya comes to its end, I am still expecting a few more people to drop by and eat all the Hari Raya cookies.