Sunday, October 10, 2010


I was invited by Puan Maimunah, the mother of Rabiah Beve, a form 2 student, to attend an open house organized by WANGI (association of the UTM ladies staff). The event was specially carried out for the OKU (disabled person) as one of their charity programmes. It was hard not to go as Puan Maimunah personally came and invited me at the office and I could see she had put a lot of effort to make it a success. I arrived a bit late and at that time there were not that many people around and thank God for that.

As the event was going to its end, then the mascot (I think from McDonald's) appeared out of nowhere. So everybody excited to get themselves photographed with the blue animal which I thought should be either a rabbit or a chipmunk. But there was no tail!

I was glad to see two familiar faces there: Hazwan and Diana. I taught them UHB1412 course last semester. Thanks for keeping me company (what a relief to find people whom I could talk to) and for taking photographs too.

with Rabiah Beve

one magic moment
(I wonder who was inside the costume)

Thanks to Puan Maimunah and Rabiah for inviting me and congrats for the success. I am sure that she will organize similar charity events in the future and I will always give my support.