Wednesday, October 6, 2010


TOPIC: Process and procedures - How to make cup cakes
OBJECTIVES: By the end of the lesson, students should be able to (1) bake their own cup cakes by following the description given; and (2) write an essay on how to bake cupcakes by using sequence connectors correctly.

Teachers at work

Girls at work

Boys at work

Our success story

with Pn. Suzana and Pn. Noraliza

the girls and boys of 1KP1

As most of the students are not coming to school because of the PMR examination that is going on, I have decided to call the 1KP1 students to school for the cooking session that everybody has been looking forward to. Two Living Skills teachers, Puan Suzana and Puan Noraliza Mazni, had kindly agreed to lend their helping hands in order to get the session going. The class was divided into two groups: the girls came in the morning at 8:00 while the boys at 10:00. Then they had to work in groups of 3. After being briefed on the process of making cup cakes, they started to work very hard. Before the two hours, everybody had successfully baked their cakes to bring home and proudly show their newly-learned skills to their parents. It was an exciting lesson I must say and I hope that they can write good pieces of writing too.

Thanks a lot to Puan Suzana and Puan Noraliza for their cooperation, support and guidance.