Sunday, October 3, 2010


with Aziruddin

I went to attend a wedding invitation of an ex-student who got married to another ex-student which was held at Dewan Jubli Intan, Johor Bahru. I am teaching the bride's brother, Mohd. Aziruddin, at present in 2KP1. Right after that, there was another wedding invitation of a colleague's sister in Pekan Nanas but there was no familiar faces around to take photos for me.

Mr. Faris, Mrs. Faris and Faris Junior

Mr. Razib with his latest addition and mother-in-law

I had to go back real soon as a group of relatives were already at home. I was also expecting two friends who had informed earlier of visiting; Mr. Faris (an ex-colleague) and also Mr. Razib (an ex-schoolmate), accompanied by their family members.

I guess I had missed quite a number of open houses because people came visiting at the same time. What more, there are too many people organizing wedding and open houses as the Syawal month is getting closer to its end. The good thing was that I did not have to eat a lot but I had to apologize to those who had invited for not being able to make it.