Saturday, October 23, 2010


19th October - Now that I already knew the location of the place, it was another trip for eating the Kajang sate session - this time with my roommate, Mr. Asrolnizam. Since we were already there, it would better to taste the most famous sate in the country because we would never know when we would be back here again.

Later only I was informed by a friend who resides in Kajang that there are actually other sate stalls in town. I guess this Haji Samuri restaurant is the most famous one and is dominating the business here, and there are also other stalls at other place as it has already been franchised. 

Nevertheless, this restaurant was a good place to hang out with friends. It was spacious and clean, looked modern and more attractive.

And because of that, may be you would have to pay more. By looking at the bill, it might be worth the trip there for a seasonal traveller like me.

Fortunately, this was the last trip for the meaty meal this time. I started to get worried after sate excursion plus the hotel food which look high in calories, fat, carbohydrate and all the nutrients in the world - eaten five times a day. I am in desperate need to fast.