Sunday, February 27, 2011


Today it was Fatimah's turn to be wedded. The reception was held at Alumni House, UTM. Other than the bride, I also know her two sisters, Aishah And Khadijah as well as the father, Dr. Hishamuddin. That is what happened when you stay too long in one school - sooner or later you will get to know the whole family.

This time, I had Mr. Ahmad Zaki coming together. He is the Senior Assistant of the Afternoon session for SMK Desa Skudai where Fatimah is now teaching. He was formerly from SMKTUN. To our delight, we saw two other friends, Puan Tini and Puan Intan Badariah were also there.

We also managed to meet a few ex-students there who have grown into beautiful and handsome youngsters. This is one moment that you will always feel that there is no regret being a teacher. I think it is high time for me to organize a reunion for the school alumni. Any takers?

So wishing Fatimah and her husband a long-lasting happiness for their future lives together and my prayers will always be with you.