Sunday, February 27, 2011


with colleagues while waiting for the event to start

with Nazmi and Azry

The birthday of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was celebrated today in school. This is an annual event where the Muslim staff and students are all invited. The attendance was good and we had a fine weather in the morning.

students listening to the talk by the guest speaker under the tents

the celebrity guest speaker who was the winner of reality TV show, Imam Muda, Ustaz Asyraf
We had a surprise when Ustaz Rifqi managed to get Ustaz Asyraf, the Imam Muda, to drop by for a few minutes. The students (and teachers) were excited and he was given the honour to start off the talk session although it was for just a short while. Then only the real guest speaker was invited to the stage and to deliver the real talk.

with Mr. Sanusi and Mr. Sahari

the food for the students in trays

a colleague's son

form three girls

form five girls

two new addition to the family (for temporary), the trainees from IPTI

with Syazwan and Abdullah, the qari

another group of form three girls

the boys having their meal

with Muazzam

... and Aliff

Afham getting caught in camera

the form five boys, the members of the purple house

the form three boys, who are also the members of the angklung group

Mr. Hisham before going back

The were other routine events like nasyid performance and the presentation of gifts to kids whose parents performed aqiqah for them. But by that time I was already around the school, observing the students' movements and trying to get ourselves photographed. Everyone was willing as they were in their best suits and looked really bright and happy.

Thanks and congratulations to everyone who had made the event a successful one. I know that there will be more similar events which will be coming up soon and hope that the students will give their support.