Thursday, February 3, 2011


with the host, Hamzah

Hamzah's friends who were there

with Zaleha (Hamzah's cousin) and Hamidah (his sister) who are also my ex-students

I was also celebrating Chinese New Year today - by attending lunch invitations.

First I went to Hamzah's house as he was hosting a gathering. The reason: he will be going to New Zealand to further his studies this coming February, 16th. There were a number of ex-students too and I am always glad to see them as grown-ups. I wish Hamzah the very best of luck and may he enjoy his life in New Zealand; and may we meet in Canterbury one day.

Later, I went to attend a real Chinese New Year open house after being invited by Mr. Chua. This event was specially organized for everybody and there were many Malays as special food was served. There were Soon Heng and Soon Keong and they made me feel at home. The pictures will be uploaded later, hoping for Soon Keong to upload them on my Facebook wall.

the elder brother, Soon Heng

the younger brother, Soon Keong

Oh god, I might have grown fatter by now but hopefully more prosperous. Now I need to go hop like a rabbit to lose some weight.